December 2013

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  • Why you should buy The Hillford

    I feel this project¬†will sell well. As a mixed development retirement resort which consists of Residential units and Non-Residential units, this post will be split into these 2 elements for discussion.   Residential Singapore has an aging population. More projects (be it private or by the Government) like this will be coming up in the […]

  • Mixed Developments Projects

    Mixed developments projects are getting popular in Singapore. We can break down the elements as follow: Residential Retail Office Industrial Hotel Hospital Very simply, a mixed development consists of at least 2 elements of the above mentioned and retail space is usually part of the equation. PropNex is marketing some of these new residential mixed […]

  • Refining the Executive Condominium Housing Scheme

    I guess most potential EC buyers sitting on the fence will move their butts based on this latest MND announcement. They are categorized into the following: Reduce EC Cancellation Fees Resale Levy for Second-Timer Applicants Revision of Mortgage Loan Terms And this is how some of us, property agents, feel: With the lesser cancellation fee, […]