Why you should buy The Hillford

I feel this project will sell well.

As a mixed development retirement resort which consists of Residential units and Non-Residential units, this post will be split into these 2 elements for discussion.



Singapore has an aging population. More projects (be it private or by the Government) like this will be coming up in the future in various part of Singapore. The quantum is low (read: easier on the pocket to service the loan) and depending on your retirement plans, the following unit types should serve you well.

  • 1 bedder: Great for couple who do not plan on having a helper
  • 2 bedder: The extra room can either be used for helper or your child
  • 2 bedder dual key: One can stay in one room while leasing out the other. And the best thing about dual key, you save on the Additional Buyer Stamp Duty while getting “2” units.

Depending on the age of buyers, this retirement home can serve at least 2 generations!

Do not be mistaken, this project is not an old folk homes. Targeted occupants are retirees with high disposable income, highly mobile and love to keep themselves busy.

With multiple medical care nearby, basic needs like convenience shop and restaurants, and good location, this is truly a great place to retire in!


Non Residential

Retail spaces are limited in supply and what determines the success of a shopping mall or a row of retail shophouses is the tenancy mix. The tenancy mix for this project has been predetermined and this shall pave the success for this 20 (of which one unit  is catered purely for residents usage) Non Residential units.

I predict that the customers catchment area will go wide beyond the occupants of The Hillford!

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