November 2012

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  • HDB Resale Suggestions

    Recently, I saw a few letters on the Straits Time Forum regarding the sale of HDB Resale. Writers had been commenting about the following: Disallow PR from the resale market Relook on owners having both HDB and Private properties but staying in private and renting out HDB Here are my two cents worth: PRs will […]

  • Bartley Residences EDM

    Limited units left at Bartley Residences. Only 3 bedrooms and Penthouse available. Is this a good fit for you? Give us a call and we will assess based on your requirements and current standing.

  • Exact Rental Yield

    Simple Rental Yield is a quick way to judge if a property is good buy. $$!Simple~Rental~Yield =dfrac{Annual~Rental} { Purchase~Price}times100$$ However, the actual yield is¬†definitely lesser: $$!Exact~Rental~Yield =dfrac{Annual~Rental-Misc~Charges~1} { Purchase~Price+Misc~Charges~2}times100$$ where $$!Misc~Charges~1= Annual~Property~Tax+Annual~Maintenance~Fee+Annual~Agent~Commission$$ and $$!Misc~Charges~2=Stamp~Duty+Legal~Fee+Agent~Commission$$ Just because the exact rental yield is low does not mean that the property is not a good buy, there are […]

  • Rental Yields in Singapore

    For any investor, rental yield is a crucial criteria on deciding if a property is worth buying. In my opinion, even though you are buying a property for your own use, it is a criteria that you should be aware of. As my CEO always say: The simple calculation for Rental Yield is: $$!Rental~Yield =dfrac{Annual~Rental} […]